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Planning ahead

Planning ahead can make good sense

Many of the attendees at Clandon Wood burials have been struck by the extraordinary and uplifting atmosphere.

So much so that they have decided to purchase plots for themselves or their families.

Why do people decide to buy burial plots before they expect to use them? There are several compelling benefits:

  • The cost of burial plots is set to continue to rise as land values increase but buying in advance allows you to fix the cost at today’s prices.
  • You relieve your family and friends of the responsibility and potential financial burden of arranging your final resting place at an emotionally difficult time.
  • You get to choose your final resting place. A growing and major shortage of burial plots in towns and cities could lead to a real scarcity of plots in a location you want.

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Why purchase a plot in advance of need?

Buying a plot in advance of need could save a significant amount money and give peace of mind to your family as to your wishes being met.
If you are unable to visit Clandon Wood we are very happy to arrange a home visit to discuss the services we offer.