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Our vision and ethos

A perfect place to be, guided by nature.

Clandon Wood is a final resting place for our loved ones but it is also a nature reserve. The 31 acre grounds are managed to complement the farmland and woodlands around us to the benefit of local wildlife. Although most of the site is meadowland our newly planted trees blend the woodlands and grasslands of the neighbourhood together making us a large glade within a wood.

Our 21 acre glade is managed as a wildflower meadow rich in nectar, seed sources and “hidey holes” for wildlife as diverse as the smallest mining bees to badgers in a rich patchwork of habitats. We have created two wildlife ponds full of dragonflies that now hunt the insects feeding on the flowers and grasses which are in turn fed upon by hobbies and other birds. In a landscape increasingly barren to wildlife our dedicated ground-staff works to support biodiversity from the ground up.

Much of Britain’s natural beauty lies in the seasons and Clandon Wood is no exception. Through considered management of graves and the wider site we can together conserve this valuable mix of habitats year after year. The spring flowers and autumn colours of our young trees will take time to mature but nothing compares with the abundance of the meadow in summer or the wide open skies in winter.

Clandon Wood through the seasons

Through careful and considered management of graves and the wider site we aim to conserve a valuable mix of habitats sustainably to provide a place of natural beauty that is also a protected haven for a multitude of local flora and fauna.