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How is natural burial different?

Natural burial – it’s simply not that different

Natural and traditional burial

There are just a few key differences from a burial at an ordinary cemetery:

  • A three feet deep grave;
  • A biodegradable coffin made from materials such as willow, pine, recycled cardboard or even a simple woollen shroud;
  • No vertical memorial and that’s about it.

This allows the remains to return to the earth more quickly and maintain the natural integrity and beauty of the burial grounds. Since the late nineteenth century we have become used to cremations or burials using coffins with ornate fittings which are not biodegradable but prior to that the system now used for natural burial was the established way of interring the remains of our loved ones.

The burial or service can be wholly traditional in style but with the benefit of taking place in the beautiful and tranquil surroundings of a nature reserve managed and maintained to high conservation, ecological and environmental standards.

Anyone who has a strong affinity with the environment should find Clandon Wood the ideal final resting place.

We think you will be surprised how similar a natural burial can be to one at an ordinary cemetery but with the benefit of being set in a place of natural beauty.

About tea, cake & company

At Clandon Wood we firmly believe that providing an environment for the bereaved is just as important as it is for those who have passed away. In this regard we hold a number of ‘aftercare’ events throughout the year for those left behind.

These include our monthly tea, cake and company drop ins which provide an opportunity for anyone who has been bereaved to be among and talk to others who share the experience of loss.

Held in our beautiful glass pavilion they take place from 10.30am to 1.00pm on the last Sunday of every month.

Simply drop in - whether or not you have a loved one at Clandon Wood, you will always be warmly welcomed with kindness, consideration and company.