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Any questions?

Questions we are regularly asked

You will probably have a number of questions in relation to laying someone to rest at Clandon Wood or about purchasing a burial or ashes plot. Below we address some of the more commonly asked questions that get put to us which you may find helpful.

Alternatively we recommend you get in touch with the Clandon Wood team who will be more than happy to assist with any enquiry you have no matter how small it may seem. You are always welcome to visit, telephone or email us and we will always treat you in a friendly and unpressured way.

Is Clandon Wood for anyone, religious or otherwise?

In a word, YES. Clandon Wood is open to all, religious, spiritual or secular. We cater for those who wish to be buried and equally for those who prefer cremation and would like a place to have their ashes interred. Please feel free to call our team who will be delighted to discuss your personal requirements and answer any questions you may have.

What types of coffin or urn are allowed at Clandon Wood?

There are many types of biodegradable coffin or urn that can be used such as wicker, wood, cardboard, wool or even a simple shroud. Our team is more than happy to explain and discuss the various choices available to you and which are acceptable to Clandon Wood.

It is normal practice to purchase such an item from your funeral director. Should you wish to purchase independently we have provided a list of possible suppliers in the Useful Links section of this website under coffins, shrouds and urns which you may find helpful. We have no financial arrangement or other relationship with any of the suppliers listed.

Can I visit Clandon Wood at any time of day and on any day including bank holidays?

Yes, you can access the site by foot at any time 365 days a year via a pedestrian gate. The car park is open every day 365 days a year; for times click here. Outside of opening hours the main entrance gate is locked.

Is there a dress code and is it wise to wear outdoor footwear and clothing when visiting a grave?

There is no dress code set by Clandon Wood; it is entirely up to the bereaved to decide if there should be a dress code and the form it takes.

If there is a walk to a grave for a committal we would advise sturdy footwear to be worn and if it is cold or raining warm or waterproof clothing and footwear is also recommended. A limited supply of umbrellas is available for visitors to borrow.

Are there facilities for disabled and frail persons wishing to visit a grave?

Yes there are. We have a powered golf buggy to take less able people to a visit a loved one’s grave during the opening hours of the site. There are also disabled WC facilities as well as baby changing facilities available during opening hours. For opening times click here.

Can I bring my dog to a farewell?

Dogs and pets are always welcome to a farewell unless specified otherwise by the family of the deceased. Dogs are also welcome when visiting a loved one. They must however be kept on a lead at all times and any mess is to be picked up.

How many people can the pavilion hold?

The pavilion can seat up to 85 people for a farewell service and for a catered gathering it can hold up to 70 people. If a larger number of people is expected there is space outside the pavilion where people can stand and the side of the pavilion opens with sliding doors should it be required. We are also happy to consider the possibility of a marquee being attached to the pavilion for large farewells - please contact a member of our team to discuss such requirements and associated costs.

Can a person who dies in a foreign country be buried or have their ashes interred at Clandon Wood?

Yes they can. Please contact a member of our team to discuss specific details and requirements.

How can I be sure my plot is secure until it is needed?

Once full payment for a plot purchase has been received by Clandon Wood the plot is secure for the exclusive use by the person named on The Grant of Right of Burial certificate until such time as the period of that right expires (75 years from the date full and final payment has been received). When the final cleared funds have been received by Clandon Wood the Grant of Right of Burial certificate, a legally binding document, is issued and sent to the person for whom the plot has been purchased for safekeeping and we recommend filing the certificate with the relevant Will.

For plots purchased in advance of need in conjunction with a 12 month payment plan the plot is secure as long as the terms and conditions of the payment plan are adhered to. The Grant of Right of Burial certificate is issued as soon as the cleared final payment has been received by Clandon Wood.

When a plot at Clandon Wood is bought you are purchasing an Exclusive Right of Burial i.e. you are not buying the land but the legal right to be buried in it. This legal right of burial would not be negated by changes to the ownership of the grounds as a whole. Plots are definitively identified on the Grant of Right of Burial certificate and are marked on site with a numbered metal plate in the same way as occupied plots. A record of the Right to Burial for all plots is also kept securely in both digital and hard copy format by Clandon Wood.

If it is wished to extend the time span of a Right to Burial beyond 75 years this can be accommodated. For further information relating to this please contact a member of our team.

How can I secure a plot next to a specific existing one?

The only way to guarantee securing a plot next to an existing one is to make a purchase. However, following a burial or ash interment we will not make any adjacent plot available for purchase until three months after the date of the burial or interment. This is to give the bereaved family or surviving partner an opportunity to consider whether or not to purchase a plot next to the deceased. A 10% discount on the plot price is also given for such a purchase. For burial and ash plots to be purchased in advance of need we will not make any adjacent plot available for purchase by others until three months after the date the plot is reserved.

How can I be sure the land at Clandon Wood will not be developed?

The land is zoned as Green Belt and planning consent was granted to change its use from agricultural to use as a natural-burial ground. Now that so many individuals have been interred change of use of the land would require the consent of all families to the relocation of those remains.

What is The Natural Burial Trust?

Clandon Wood has been designed as wild flower meadows and managed woodland. When the site reaches capacity it will remain as a nature reserve and be managed accordingly using income from The Natural Burial Trust.

Along with the purchase of burial rights each client makes a one-off payment to The Natural Burial Trust; a dedicated trust fund so the long-term care of the woodland, meadow and lake is assured.

How long has Clandon Wood been operating?

Since September 2012, when the first burial took place.

Is Clandon Wood owned by or affiliated with a funeral director business?

No. Clandon Wood has no affiliation to any funeral director business and is a wholly independent business only operating as a natural burial cemetery.