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About Us

A perfect place to be

On arriving at Clandon Wood you would not know it is a cemetery. With thirty-one acres of traditional wildflower meadowland, lakes, wetland and young woodland our national award winning naturally managed burial ground provides the perfect final resting place for you or a loved one whatever faith, belief or thinking.

Indeed Clandon Wood was designed as a nature reserve as well as a burial ground. Careful management by our professionally qualified personnel with expertise in conservation and arboriculture enables us to create a lasting legacy for future generations.

Core to the thinking behind Clandon Wood is the creation of a place of beauty and openness where those left behind will want to come and spend time to reflect and remember for generations to come.

Graves and ashes plots can be chosen either amongst the flowers and grasses of the meadows between the trees or near to the lake. Our electronic and paper based plot marking and recording system ensures graves are accurately recorded and easily located.

Our elegant contemporary glass pavilion has a sense of tranquility and contemplation and yet also has a quietly uplifting atmosphere which provides an ideal space to hold a service or commemoration and provide a gathering after a committal should you so wish.

And probably most importantly our on-site Clandon Wood team is always ready to provide advice, assistance and be flexible in its approach to help you create a very special occasion to reflect and pay tribute to the life of a loved one. You will always be welcomed with open arms.

In fact the only way to really appreciate what we have to offer at Clandon Wood is to see it first hand. We would love to see you and are confident if you choose to visit and take a walk around or chat with one of our team you will be impressed.

Angela Rippon revisits Clandon Wood

Clandon Wood is exceptional as it can provide a farewell service, burial and catered gathering after the committal with the full support of our on-site team.

About tea, cake & company

At Clandon Wood we firmly believe that providing an environment for the bereaved is just as important as it is for those who have passed away. In this regard we hold a number of ‘aftercare’ events throughout the year for those left behind.

These include our monthly tea, cake and company drop ins which provide an opportunity for anyone who has been bereaved to be among and talk to others who share the experience of loss.

Held in our beautiful glass pavilion they take place from 10.30am to 1.00pm on the last Sunday of every month.

Simply drop in - whether or not you have a loved one at Clandon Wood, you will always be warmly welcomed with kindness, consideration and company.