Natural Burial?

The Responsible Answer

Natural burial is the most responsible way for us to manage the end of our lives

We can help you with this responsibility. We can give you:

– Freedom of choice – based upon unbiased information
– Information from people who care enough to advise and assist you, whether or not you use our services.
– Knowledge about what you have to do when someone dies
– Knowhow about what you can and what you can’t do after someone dies.
– Clear and transparent prices based upon your need and your choices

Environmental Responsibility

By choosing a natural burial you are making a positive environmental choice.

Clandon Wood :

– is balanced, it is bio-diverse and it is sustainable.
– uses minimal man-management to maintain its stability.
– is a new haven for wildlife, with a long term planning strategy.
– is creating varied habitats using expert advice and consultation.
– was awarded Green Flag status in 2014 and now again in 2015 – recognition of the best green spaces across the Country
– is cared for using traditional, planned and balanced land management techniques.

Your Personal Responsibility

It is your life, it is your death. It is ultimately your responsibility to protect those close to you. By choosing natural burial in advance:

– You will be protecting your family when they are at their most vulnerable. Balanced decisions can be hard to make at an emotional time; when a death has just occurred and choices about funeral arrangements have to be made, it can be difficult to be sure what is the right decision unless it has been discussed or decided beforehand.

Ensure your end-of-life plans are clear, concise – and most importantly prepaid – as there is no legal requirement that your wishes have to be followed, even if they are detailed in your Will.

Decide. Plan. Pay. It is the only way to ensure your wishes are followed.