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Remembrance in keeping with nature

Clandon Wood is a nature reserve with traditional meadowland, woodland, lakes and wetland providing distinctive environments that support many diverse ecosystems. In order to keep it as such and to retain its unique beauty and ethos we have a number of ‘rules’ which must be observed and adhered to by those who wish to place a memorial on a grave.

  • The holder of a reservation of a burial plot or his or her immediate next of kin if the holder is the deceased are the only persons entitled to select and place a memorial on a burial plot.
  • Memorials may take the form of a wooden plaque or a clay or unpolished slate tile all of which must be laid flat on the burial plot flush with the ground. A wooden leaf sculpture may also be hung on a tree. The maximum dimensions we accept for all memorials are set out in the following table:
    Wooden plaque Clay or unpolished slate tile
    Burial plot 25cmx25cmx2.5cm
    Ash plot 20cmx20cmx2.5cm
    Hanging wooden leaf sculpture 20cmx15cm

    • Plaques manufactured from granite, stone, marble or similar materials are not acceptable.
    • For ash plots the reduced size is because they are more numerous in the areas designated for that purpose and would otherwise affect the overall appearance of the meadows.
  • Further details relating to the specific requirements for an approved memorial are available from the Clandon Wood office. A list of artisans who are familiar with crafting memorials for those laid to rest at Clandon Wood is also available from the office. All memorials must be approved by Clandon Wood staff before they are placed on a burial plot or hung on a tree; we strongly suggest that designs are discussed with our on-site team prior to purchasing a memorial or having one made so as to avoid any risk of a memorial not being approved.
  • We do not permit burial plots to be marked in any other way, for example, with masonry, woodwork, headstones, kerbstones, fences, borders, chippings, bricks, stones or shells and to place any other items (for example ornaments, statues, toys, wind chimes, windmills, ribbons, pictures, shrines, lights, plastic or fabric flowers) on a burial plot or any other part of the Clandon Wood grounds.

Any memorial that has not been approved or any memorial or other item that otherwise does not comply with these rules will be removed by the grounds staff.

The Company does not accept responsibility for any damage that may occur to memorials placed on burial plots or trees.

In the event the deceased holder has more than one immediate next of kin and those persons cannot agree on any aspect of a memorial then the Company shall arbitrate accordingly and its decision shall be final and binding in relation to the relevant matter.

As to the requirements for floral tributes to be temporarily laid on a grave and for shrubs and wildflowers to be planted on a grave please click here.