Plot Prices

Our prices consist of three elements:

1. Exclusive Right of Burial: You are not buying or leasing the plot but purchasing the legal right to be buried within it.
2. Interment Fee: currently £575 for full burial or £220 for ashes burial – preparing, finishing and caring for the grave.
3. Contribution to The Natural Burial Trust: currently £250 – A one-off fee in a secure fund for maintenance of the natural burial site.

Plot prices depend on their location, their views of our lakes and the Surrey Hills.
There are NO extra fees at Clandon Wood for out-of-borough residents and NO on-going management fees.

Exclusive right of full Burial (depending on the location chosen)from £1,325 to £4,250
All plots are single depth (3ft 6in) so double plots will be side-by-side graves and need to be purchased at the same time; if paid for in full the second plot will be discounted.
Burial of Cremated Remains
We do not scatter cremated remains as this may have a detrimental effect on our wild plants. The remains may be placed in a biodegradable urn or container or placed directly into the earth.
Exclusive right of burial of Cremated Remains (depending on the location chosen) from £395 to £1,395
Burial of Cremated Remains in a Family Plot
A family plot for cremated remains is the equivalent of choosing a full grave and can accept up to four interments.
A single contribution to the Natural Burial Trust of £250 is required on purchasing Rights to Burial in a family cremated remains plot and the Interment Fee applicable at the time is also payable for every interment .

Planning for the Future

If you are arranging your own funeral plans, it is easy to reserve a plot for either Full Burial or Cremated Remains.

The costs are all as above but will not include the Interment Fee this will need to be paid at the time of burial. It can be included in a funeral plan.

The costs for all plots can be fixed at today’s prices with an initial payment of £250 which secures the plot for up to three months after which the balance owing must be paid in full. Payments can be spread over 12 months with an instalment plan paid by Bank standing order.

We are now able to accept credit and debit card payments.

Note that all fees must be paid, cleared funds in our Bank by the last Bank working day before the day of interment.

Please be assured that by seeking advice or information from us you are not obliged to use Clandon Wood and our services.

Have a question? – Just call 01483 479614 or email info@clandonwood.com