Woodland burials dedicate the Green Belt to green burials

excerpt from The Times, 22nd May 2015

“This week I went to a woodland burial ……. at Clandon Wood in Surrey, voted Cemetery of the Year at the Good Funeral awards.

For a start, traditional cemeteries are overflowing: London’s are expected to be full up in 20 years, a deadline I hope to miss. But if you ever attend a burial in a natural setting you won’t want it any other way.

We followed the wicker coffin, which swished the meadow grass as it was pulled on a cart. we scattered rosemary and flowers on the shallow grave, which will  soon be covered with plants again. The rirtual felt deeply English: a certain lack of sentiment and the comfort we took , as we cried our tears, in our native soil.

One mourner had a daughter in law my age who was buried there: her children love to come here to pond – dip and climb her tree.

Body sowing is a perfect use of the green belt. Death would protect it : a place to visit and not to destroy.”