More Swedish visitors check up on the best Natural Burial

Leif Lidholm, Manager of the Parish Cemeteries in Falkoping, a town in western Sweden about 75 miles from Gothenburg, the second city of Sweden visited Clandon Wood Burial Ground with a study group of thirty people from the Department of Cemeteries and Property Management.



The study tour took the group to a variety of cemeteries all around London. Their areas of interest were the various approaches to burials in the UK from the traditional to the natural burial. There are very few green or natural burial sites in Sweden which meant that Clandon Wood was of particular interest as an award winning burial place.




Christina Lawson, our Manager, who is Swedish, started the tour with a short presentation in the pavilion describing the concept and success of Clandon Wood as both a burial place and a nature reserve.



She was joined by our Head Groundsman, Gareth Hurd who took the group on a tour of our two meadows to view our approach to maintaining them whilst promoting wildlife.



They answered a variety of questions from how we arranged funerals, to the management and care of the site. The group had many questions and was especially interested in the traditional way the meadows were looked after, the continuing care we offer families and advice offered on end of life planning.


Hopefully Leif Lidholm and his group will be able to incorporate what they have learnt in their development plans for new natural burial sites in Sweden.