The Site

A Nature Reserve for Natural Burials

Fields that lay fallow now thrive with over forty eight species of wildflowers and grasses giving us a flowering season well into the autumn.

Recently planted native trees including oak, beech, hornbeam, lime and silver birch create a young flourishing woodland. A variety of sweet chestnut, hazel and willow will develop into coppices and groves of fruit trees will gift us early spring blossom. Using traditional woodland management practices the developing woodland will become productive, securing its future and flourishing for generations to come.

Trails seeded with wild flowers will meander through the new woodland weaving in and out of open meadows offering an ever changing landscape.

Hundreds of yards of hedgerows are being carefully managed and provide a vital refuge for wildlife.

Our lakes and wetland nourish the aquatic plants that balance and stabilise the water quality.

Traditional Land Management

Natural preparation and traditional management techniques nurture and safeguard our landscapes so they will endure long into the future.

Traditional working practices maintain the meadow. After the flowers and grasses have seeded, the meadows are mown and cleared of hay. Sheep then graze over winter in preparation for the next spring growth.

Ecologically sound and environmentally responsive, Clandon Wood has been designed and developed to be self-sustaining with balanced eco-systems that require minimal management to maintain stability.


Our beautiful glass-walled Pavilion and finely-appointed facilities support funeral and memorial services, offering a wholly natural alternative to conventional funerals.

Natural burial – the way it should bey

Where the natural cycles of life are beautifully encapsulated in the four seasons.

Natural burial and Clandon Wood are very much about life and renewal through nature;
everywhere there will be light and air……..and a sense of hope for the future…